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The Trager Approach ∙ Troy Ohio

Experience a new state of calm! The Trager Approach—called the Zen of Bodywork— is a gentle, yet powerful, experience that promotes deep relaxation, greater ease and mobility, and improved body alignment. Using wave-like movement and rhythmic rocking and stretching, unhealthy tension patterns in the body and mind are released, and greater fluidity and pain-free mobility is achieved. Come experience this unique form of bodywork, a deeper sense of peace, and a greater integration of body/mind. Can be done fully clothed.

The Trager Approach Troy Ohio

Service Pricing
60 MINUTES $95 + tax
90 MINUTES $135 + tax
120 MINUTES $180 + tax

Benefits of The Trager Approach

Deep Relaxation
Greater Ease & Mobility
Improved Body Alignment
Deeper Sense of Peace

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