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Medi Cupping ∙ Troy Ohio

Unlike manual cupping this high vacuumed Medical Application delivers deeper decompression to the layers of tissue. Medi-Cupping helps to eliminate waste via the lymphatic system, creating a drainage system to create space for lymph to flow again. It separates the tissue giving it ability to carry stagnation out of the body. Increasing blood flow that brings oxygen and nutrition to the cells and tissue, boosting levels of metabolism. Benefits include: Scar Tissue release from old injuries or moving patterns, lymphoedema (general & post-surgery), Fibromyalgia, Cellulite, Arthritis, Tendonitis & Bursitis, Sports (injuries and post event conditions), Firms skin stimulating collagen production to aid in toning flaccid tissue. A unique quality of these modalities is the “lifting without force.” Even when working on deep scars and adhesions, fibrous tissue, or fascia that has retained memory from incident or injury, the technique is comfortable and works very quickly.

Medi Cupping Troy Ohio

Service Pricing
60 MINUTES $150 + tax
90 MINUTES $200 + tax
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