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Lava Shell Massage ∙ Troy Ohio

Lava Shells are Clam Shells harvested from the Pacific Ocean. Islanders would use them for food and then throw them away. PerfectSense Professionals found a way to recycle them into the world's most powerful heated massage tool. These shells require no electricity or equipment to heat, they are filled with a self-heated technology and heat for up to 45-minutes.

Melting Experience
When using the Lava shell you will experience a deeper heat than you would with Hot Stones. Unlike Hot Stones the Lava Shells sustain heat for up to 45-minutes. Hot Stones stay hot to warm momentarily. When you incorporate Lava Shells to your massage you are creating a melting experience for your body. The heat opens up the muscular tissue and allows fresh blood flow through vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels). Incorporate Lava Shells into a 60 or 90 minute full body massage and melt your cares away! They are simply the best in my opinion! For more about the Lava Shell Product go to:

Lava Shells Troy Ohio

Lava Shells Troy Ohio

Benefits of Lava Shell Massage

An increase in extension of soft tissues
Removal of toxins from cells
Enhanced blood flow
Increased function of tissue cells
Relaxation of sore, stiff muscles
Relief of painful arthritic joints

Service Pricing
60 Minute Lava Shell $125 + tax
90 Minute Lava Shell $165 + tax
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