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Couples Massage ∙ Troy Ohio

A couples massage is a shared experience-a massage for two people at the same time, in the same private room. Great for celebrating an Anniversary, Birthday or any special occasion. The therapist applies oils to the body and gradually administers a series of strokes designed to induce relaxation, enhance circulation, and increase range of motion.

Positive Effects
Couples massage includes a variety of long, gliding strokes and kneading. Typically, pressure is moderate to allow the muscles to relax. It is effective for many ailments, and produces a positive effect on all layers and systems of the body. It affects the nerves, muscles, glands, circulation, and promotes health and well-being.

Couples Massage Troy Ohio

Benefits of a Couples Massage

Increased blood circulation
Mental and physical relaxation
Decreased stress and muscle tension
Improved range of motion

Service Pricing
30 Minute Massage $80 + tax / per person
60 Minute Massage $110 + tax / per person
90 Minute Massage $155 + tax / per person
120 Minute Massage $205 + tax / per person
Thyme To Escape - 3 Services 180 Minutes $305 + tax / per person
Couples Sound Bath - 120 Minutes $200 + tax / per person

Bring A Friend Facial + Massage

Bring a friend along to share the wellness! Your package includes a 60 minute Deep Tissue or Swedish massage with a 60 minute Customized Eminence Organic Facial.

Service Pricing
60 MIN. FACIAL + 60 MIN. MASSAGE $220 + tax / per person

Bring A Friend Sound Bath

Bring a friend to enjoy the good vibrations with. The two of you will share a massage room and lie on heated massage tables (fully clothed) with several singing bowls surrounding you. As the bowls and gong and sung, you will feel their healing tones wash over and through your energetic field, balancing the systems of your body. Release stress and return to inner peace, where true healing begins!

Service Pricing
30 MIN. FACIAL + 60 MIN. MASSAGE $62.50 + tax / per person
60 MIN. FACIAL + 60 MIN. MASSAGE $90 + tax / per person
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