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Barefoot Ashiatsu ∙ Troy Ohio

Ashiatsu massage is different in application. The massage therapist uses their feet instead of their hands to perform this service. We apply Ashiatsu on a massage table. We then use the overhead bars for balance. Strokes are long and short. No other massage technique is deeper than Ashiatsu.

Therapeutic Benefits
Ashiatsu massage relieves muscle tension by manipulating the soft tissue and increases circulation that flushes out inflammation that causes pain. The compressive strokes of Ashiatsu loosen adhesions and releases the connective tissues. Adhesions and tight connective tissues create much of our discomfort. Alignments go back into place.

Barefoot Ashiatsu Troy Ohio

Benefits of Reflexology Massage

This type of massage will put you in a deeper state of relaxation. In fact, the application of Ashiatsu enhances the state of nirvana. Try Ashiatsu now and experience a whole new level of calm.

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